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Dear Parents,
Welcome to all new and returning members of the Razorback Organization.
There is one mandatory fundraiser for all families. The Daily Calendar Raffle which runs for one month starting the end of August.  Each family is responsible for selling one book,$10 each, of 5 Daily Cash Calendars.  We do collect the $50 in advance at each one of our paperwork turn-in nights in July.  The calendars must be paid before any uniforms or equipment will be issued to your player or cheerleader. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Winners will be drawn daily and announced on the Razorback website.  Your child may sell more than one book of Calendars.  The football player or cheerleader who sells the most calendars will win $50. Additionally, the Razorbacks annual Sports Banquet at the end of the season will be held at the Harris Pelham Inn.  The cost of the banquet tickets can be costly, as an added incentive to reduce the cost to families the following applies to your calendar sales:
Sell 5-10 calendars -- Pay full banquet price
Sell 11-15 calendars -- Pay half price on one banquet ticket
Sell 16-20 calendars -- Receive one free banquet ticket

We will also offer individual fundraising for those who wish to participate.
The Razorbacks are a non-profit organization consisting of 100% volunteerism. Donations from corporate sponsors are welcome and greatly appreciated.  If anyone is interested in making a donation to our program please contact myself or Lou Longo (President) to obtain the Tax ID information.
Looking forward to a successful 2018 season
Thank you!